Illinois Helps

Illinois Helps is the Emergency System for the Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP) for the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago.

Illinois Helps Administrator Management Guide (2020.11.05)

Illinois Helps Volunteer Guide (2020.11.05)

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To register, please visit and select “Chicago Medical Reserve Corps” as your organization.

Illinois Helps. Healthcare professional emergency volunteer program.

During the tragic events of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, health care professionals arrived at the sites to volunteer. There was no way to verify the credentials, skill sets and background of the spontaneous volunteers, which created an additional burden on site. Congress mandated that each state establish and maintain an ESAR-VHP system to assist in this process.

Illinois Helps is a secure web-based system that establishes a robust registry of medical and non-medical volunteers. Illinois Helps connects healthcare professionals who wish to volunteer in the event of an emergency, pre-registers volunteers online, verifies the credentials of volunteers and ensures that volunteers are matched with their professional competencies.

Volunteers always retain the right to decline participation for any reason.


To register, please visit

When you register please choose, “Chicago Medical Reserve Corp” as your organization.


[email protected]

In the Event of Real Emergency or Disaster Events, Contact CDPH PHEOC.
P: 312-742-7921