Emergency Operations Contacts

During real emergency or disaster events, the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) Public Health Emergency Operations Center (PHEOC) serves as the point of contact for emergency and disaster response and coordination of resources, including for the Chicago healthcare system.

Department Contact Details
General Communications [email protected] (routine)

Phone: 312-742-7921 (urgent)

Fax: 312-747-3580

Resource Request (ICS 213 RR) Form available via EMResource® and CHSCPR.org members access. Submit to [email protected] or fax (if unable to email) at 312-747-3580.
Regional Hospital Coordinating Center (RHCC), Region 11 Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

24/7: 312-208-2104 (NEW as of 03/22)

In the Event of Real Emergency or Disaster Events, Contact CDPH PHEOC.
P: 312-742-7921