Boundaries & Structure

Geographic Boundaries

The Coalition is an inclusive body open to all organizations/entities that provide or support healthcare services within the City of Chicago that wish to work collaboratively on emergency preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery activities.

Organization & Structure

The Coalition has membership that includes Member Organizations (Member) and Supporting Member organizations (Supporting Member), and is led by a Healthcare Chair, Public Health Chair, Healthcare Vice Chair, an Executive Committee, committees, and work groups as requested and organized by the Executive Committee or membership function temporarily or long term as needed.

The Coalition is an advisor to the CDPH Bureau of Emergency Preparedness and Response in matters related to healthcare system emergency preparedness, response, and recovery. Emergency response is led by CDPH as the lead health agency and local authority having jurisdiction including actions on behalf of the Chicago healthcare system and the Coalition.

In the Event of Real Emergency or Disaster Events, Contact CDPH PHEOC.
P: 312-742-7921