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The purpose of the CHSCPR is to develop plans to unify, coordinate and manage emergency planning and response for the healthcare system within the City of Chicago. During a planned event or unplanned disaster or emergency, the CHSCPR participates and supports response efforts in coordination with the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH). The CHSCPR also maintains an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that supports and strengthens relationships between and among all members of the CHSCPR. The support shall be in the form of sharing information and subject matter expertise that will enhance emergency preparedness capacity and proficiency across the healthcare system during emergencies. Resources and volunteer personnel are also available per the guidelines CHSCPR EOP, its associated annexes and the Illinois Helps Standard Operating Guidelines (SOGs).

In the Event of Real Emergency or Disaster Events, Contact CDPH PHEOC.
P: 312-742-7921